Roofing by Eagle Construction

Roofing by Eagle Construction

Was a Member of BBB (Better Business Bureau)
"BBB is a nonprofit organization supported by local businesses."

Was a Member of BCB (Better Contractor's Bureau)
A portion of BCB's revenue comes from the dues paid by their member businesses.

Member of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)
A portion of NARI's revenue comes from their certified members.

Was a Master Elite Contractor for GAF (Manufacturer of the shingles)
GAF says "GAF factory-certified Master Elite(tm) contractors are your best and safest choice!"

Winner of the Democrat and Chronicle's
Rochester's Choice Awards for four(4) years in a row.
How can that be?   I finally found out how; it's not a genuine award.

How could the above companies / associations allow their
names to remain affiliated with this kind of shameful work?

Eagle Construction had a promise.
"Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Is Refunded!"
{View their webpage - see very bottom, where the guarantee is stated}

However, they refused to give me my money back.
Judge for yourself - review the pages in "Roofing Infractions" below.
See if you feel that I should get my money back.

UPDATE: November 7, 2007 - a judge issued a verdict that permanently
bans Eagle owner, John Costello, from working in any home-improvement
business in NYS.  He is also to pay fines, penalties, and restitution to more
than 50 consumers, a total of over $335,000.  Nearly half of that amount is
from consumers who paid deposits for work that was never started.

Now, whether the Attorney General's office can get any money out of
Costello to pay the consumers, remains to be seen.  In the meantime,
Costello is facing other legal issues.  He was charged with felony grand
larceny, relating to one customer who paid for work that was never done.

The BBB and BCB have removed Eagle from their membership; and GAF
no longer has them listed as a contractor.

The sub-contractor that Eagle used was J&S Roofing.
The foreman's name was Junior.

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Roofing Infractions
This is where I show you most of what can be done wrong with a roof.
(you may need to adjust orientation on some photos using the                icons
in Adobe Reader)
This is Eagle Construction's written proposal for repairs to my roof. It looks
great at first. Upon closer inspection, it is evident that their proposal still does
not meet NYS Building Codes or manufacturer specifications. Eagle also
insists on full payment before final inspection. Worst of all, even-though they
verbally promised my inspector and me that they would send their "A-Team"
to do the rework, they neglected to put that in writing. It wasn't until I called,
and asked why there was no mention of who was doing the rework that I was
told Eagle was planning to use the same unskilled workmen. There's no way
that I would ever sign this!

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This is a story about an atrocious roof installed by Eagle Construction, a four-time winner of Democrat and Chronicle's Rochester Choice Award. Did the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractor's Bureau, NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry, GAF Materials Corporation, or the D&C newspaper do anything to help the consumer? Amy wants to share what she has learned to help other consumers not make the same mistakes she made.