<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BODY> <p>Can the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractor's Bureau, NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry, GAF Materials Corporation, or the D&C newspaper do anything to help a consumer? This is a story about an atrocious roof installed by Eagle Construction, a four-time winner of Democrat and Chronicle's Rochester Choice Award. Amy wants to share what she has learned to help other consumers not make the same mistakes she made.</p> <p>If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames or iframes. Don't worry; you can still enjoy our site. All the pages may be viewed from the <A href="http://cauc2.net/sitemap.htm" TARGET=_parent >Site Map page</A>. Please come inside!</p> <H1>Chagrin After Chagrin, pg3</H1> </body>

  1. I tried to get resolution from Better Business Bureau. Eagle wrote back that they had offered to fix it! BBB then wrote to me stating, "In this case, the company has responded to the complaint by addressing the disputed issue(s) and the response is not unreasonable in our experience. A pattern of complaints in this category would trigger a review of the company file, and might result in an unsatisfactory business performance rating."
  2. I tried to get resolution from NARI in October 2004. I e-mailed them pictures and told them my story. The president of the NARI Rochester Chapter called me. I recounted the whole story for him and told him that I could bring more documentation and pictures to his office. He said that NARI would reconsi­der Eagle's membership. I never heard another word. Eagle is still a member, and there is a new chapter president now.
  3. I tried to get resolution from my District Attorney. Even though I feel that it is criminal what Eagle Construction did to me, the DA's office would not help me. They insisted that it was a civil matter. It seems contractors are even protected in this way.
  4. I tried to get help from my homeowner's insurance. They were nice enough to go up on my roof to investigate the cause of the leaking. Conclusion: They don't cover poor-workmanship.