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    on my roof (System Plus warranty) because of some agreement with their contrac­tors - Can only inspect on the premise that Eagle is willing to repair the infractions that GAF finds. At that time, I agreed that Eagle could make repairs with only one stipulation - that they would use different workmen. Eagle refused to agree to this, thereby avoiding inspection; and giving GAF a reason not to take any further action. So, I am left high and dry - umpff "WET" and all alone. Update 10/14/05: GAF has offered to provide a courtesy inspection once Eagle has made repairs. Too bad, that will never happen. So this offer is worth zilch to me. GAF still endorses Eagle's shameful treatment of this GAF consumer, saying that they believe Eagle's rework offer is "fair." Please review "Appalling Roof," the inspection reports and pictures, then Eagle's rework offer. See if you deem it "anywhere near fair." If you feel the need, call GAF; and tell them your feelings about it. Maybe GAF needs a wake-up call!
    I also reported to GAF that the tarpaper on my roof is different from the sample that was given to me. It appears to be of lesser quality and not as wrinkle-resistant as the Shingle-Mate sample. I sent pieces of what is on my roof and a tiny piece of their sample on May 7, 2004. I inquired why Shingle-Mate was replaced with this substance. Did GAF change the composition of its product? Did Eagle replace it with a cheap substitute? Or did the Supplier furnish the wrong commodity? I also requested that they research if there are different grades of Shingle-Mate. I still have NOT received any explanation. Update 1/11/06: After I filed a complaint against GAF with New Jersey's Consumer Protection, GAF had this to report. They notified me that they have been unable to locate the samples or any analysis thereof. They went on to state that they sometimes have supply issues with their ShingleMate, and that their Leatherback felt can be used as a substitute. {I hope with customer - approval of such substitution. They also declared that they do not sell "different grades" of Shingle-Mate, whose composition has not changed. I re-submitted additional samples of underlayment on March 3, 2006. View Samples
    Update 4/25/06: GAF has given me an incongruous, dismissing response to my sample submissions of March 3, 2006. They have analyzed my sample of underlayment but "cannot positively identify the product." They claim that "the mat in the underlayment (that is the core material) is not manufactured by GAFMC, but by outside vendors who follow our performance specifications. Around the time that your roof was installed, we switched from two or three different vendors to another one. We are not privy to the exact manufacturing specifications from these vendors and have been unable to identify which vendor may have produced the mat for any Shingle-Mate underlayment sold in your area around the time that your roof was installed." "We are still trying to obtain more information from our prior vendors. If I do obtain any more information that could lead to a definite answer about the identity of the sample you submitted, I will contact you." Funny, they said in their first letter that the composition of Shingle-Mate has not changed. Now they say that maybe it has, because of the use of so many vendors. It seems to me that if GAF had any kind of quality-assurance program, there would be some record of all these details ... materials used, manufacturing techniques, color. Where are these records? I mean we are talking only 2 years ago, not 10 or 15 years ago. Also, would you conduct business as North America's largest roofing manufacturer without being privy to the exact manufacturing specifications of your vendors? Seems illogical, doesn't it? I will update this site when - or if - I ever receive any update.
  1. I then filed a complaint with my State Attorney General in June 2004. The Attorney General's mediator sent a copy of my complaint and a letter to Eagle Construction. Eagle wrote back that they had offered to fix it! The Attorney General's office responded to me that they regretted not being able to assist me further. In the case of individual complaints, their role is limited to that of mediator; they are not allowed to take more aggressive action against a company unless they have a "string" of complaints. - End of story
  2. I tried to get resolution from New York State Consumer Protection Board. They will keep my complaint on file, but will defer resolution to the State Attorney General Office.
  3. I tried to get resolution from Democrat and Chronicle in late October 2004. The Director of Advertising Sales Department told me that companies are en­couraged to obtain votes from their customers. He also told me that he would do nothing regarding the pending 'Awards'. As I said on the home page, I was mistaken to think that Eagle's being the win­ner of the Democrat & Chronicle's Rochester Choice Awards meant some­thing. That factor was very much a part of my decision to hire this company.
    What's So Wrong in Rochester, NY?  
    These awards are announced every November;  I advise everyone to ignore these 'awards' as they are not legitimate awards.  Want proof?  Click the monkey.
  4. I tried to get resolution from Better Contractor's Bureau. BCB says its goals are to "PROTECT & INFORM" the consumer, ELIMINATE unscrupulous contractors in the area and upgrade the IMAGE of the industry. My ex­perience with BCB doesn't confirm this as their genuine philosophy.
    Mr. Santora, the executive director of the BCB, had the full report, complete with pictures, right in front of him. However, he insisted that he needed to speak with my inspector before he could help me. Although I called both parties repeatedly, I was told time after time that they could not connect with each other. Funny, I didn't have any trouble reaching my inspector. This went on for about 2 months before I finally just gave up. Mr. Santora told me that Eagle Construction will remain a member in good standing, as my complaint is the only complaint ever registered against them that has not been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.  I question if other customers were truly 'satisfied' or just accepted the repairs in order to be done with Eagle Construction.