<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <BODY> <p>This is Eagle Construction's written proposal for repairs to my roof. It looks great at first. Upon closer inspection, it is evident that their proposal still does not meet NYS Building Codes or manufacturer specifications. Eagle also insists on full payment before final inspection. Worst of all, even-though they verbally promised my inspector and me that they would send their "A-Team" to do the rework, they neglected to put that in writing. It wasn't until I called, and asked why there was no mention of who was doing the rework that I was told Eagle was planning to use the same unskilled workmen. There's no way that I would ever sign this!</p> <p>If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames or iframes. Don't worry; you can still enjoy our site. All the pages can be viewed from the <A href="http://cauc2.net/sitemap.htm" TARGET=_parent >Site Map page</A>. Please come inside!</p> <p>This is also a story about an atrocious roof installed by Eagle Construction. Did the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractor's Bureau, NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry, GAF Materials Corporation, or the D&C newspaper do anything to help the consumer? Amy wants to share what she has learned to help other consumers not make the same mistakes she made.</p> <H1>Eagle Construction's Rework Offer</H1> </body>

Eagle Construction's Rework Offer (2 pages)

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