Important Notice:  Unless YOU use forethought and extreme care with your construction project and hiring a contractor, you must understand that:  You could be held liable if a worker is injured; You may be on the hook for property damage done by workers; You risk the job being left unfinished, and possibly leaving your house uninhabitable; You may also lose your home to a lien (filed for unpaid wages or supplier's bills).  Read on to learn how to protect yourself!

The Hazards of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

I have created this website in order to share what I've learned.

I purchased a roof that was supposedly the best I could buy, to be installed by the "best" Home Improvement Contractor in Rochester, NY.  My elderly mother and I just wanted protection for our 170 year-old home.  What we got, would horrify anyone.

The top button "Appalling Roof" leads to a pictorial tour of my roof by Eagle Construction.  Their re-roofing performance illustrates most-of-what-can-be-done-wrong when you hire an unlicensed contractor to install a roof on your home.  Incidentally, "appalling" is not a term I devised; it is the term used by the Eagle representative when he examined my roof.

Since this has happened, I have learned all of the things I did wrong.

  1. I was naive to think that Eagle's memberships, and being the winner of the Democrat & Chronicle's Rochester Choice Awards, meant something.
  2. I was naive to think that there were standards that NYS contractors had to meet.
  3. I was naive to think that our great nation had a legal system that would fight for justice.

I was mistaken on all points.  Under the current scheme of things, the laws are written to protect the contractor; and leave homeowners without protection, without recourse, even with costly lawsuits.

My sincere wish is, if I recount all that I have learned, that I can prevent numerous people from making the same mistakes I made.  —  The worst of which was hiring Eagle Construction; more than twelve gallons of water leaked into my kitchen in January 2005.  Knowledge is power.  I am optimistic that the many subjects discussed here (together with supporting information) will make us all worthy adversaries as we strive to "get what we paid for."

My most important advice is:  If you have any misgivings about the quality of your construction job, inspect or have it inspected — especially a roof.  I say especially roofs, because a multitude of sins can be hidden under those shingles.  Once you document the defects, file a complaint with your State Attorney General.  Of course you may review my webpage "What If It's Done Wrong?"

For those of you who have already been victimized by an unlicensed or dishonest contractor, may I offer a word of encouragement from:    Acts 18:10    New International Version (NIV)

10  "For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city."

Conventions of this Website:
I will attempt to compile and condense all that I have learned, researched, and inquired about.  I will provide links to those sources where feasible / possible.  This will allow you to review the minimum on my site, or delve into this as deeply as you care to.


<body> <H1>The Hazards of Hiring Unlicensed Contractors</H1> <p>The first inkling I had that anything was wrong with Eagle Construction's installation of my roof was when a leak soaked a ceiling tile, which then fell onto my tenant's brand-new bed on January 29, 2004.</p> <p>If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames or iframes. Don't worry; you can still enjoy our site. All the pages can be viewed from the <A href="" TARGET=_parent >Site Map page</A>. Please come inside!</p> <BR> This is a story about an atrocious roof installed by Eagle Construction. Did the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractor's Bureau, NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry, GAF Materials Corporation, or the D&C newspaper do anything to help the consumer? Amy wants to share what she has learned to help other consumers not make the same mistakes she made. </body>