I am just another homeowner who has been exploited by the contractor's reign. I have been unable to work, due to deep, paralyzing depression; headaches; and pain; all of which have besieged my life since this happened in January 2004. I have been struggling with my faith, and struggling to find my way; but I am now finally starting to climb out of my dark hole. If I can be this devastated by a contractor's betrayal, I figure that others in our community can be as well.

I keep hearing things like "Fight the good fight."  "Let my pain be other people's gain."  "Be strong and unafraid." An unshakable feeling keeps telling me that I need to protect other people by revealing what goes on everyday;  I just needed to gain strength.

So, here I am, sharing what I learned. Hopefully, I can protect you from making the same mistakes I made, like hiring Eagle Construction to re-roof my home.

The current laws need to be changed to offer more protection to all con­sumers, and more enforcement against contractors who do shoddy work. It's time to enlighten our legislators. Please review my website to see just how laws empower the construction industry, and strip consumers' rights.

Now, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am meant to do this. Matthew 18:15-16 says that when someone sins against me, that I should first approach my brother privately. If that gets no results, then take one or two others with me.  I have done this, to no avail.  Matthew 18:17 says that I should then expose them to the community of believers.  So be it.

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