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Oh My God In Heaven

Oh my God, what is going on? How can we fight this? Your Attention Please, ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and ALL CITIZENS, we have to do something NOW!

Today, September 13, 2006, I am in SHOCK. I never dreamt that such twisted, vile events could happen in the US of A. One year ago, I started building this website with a goal to get licensing required for contractors. Now, I realize there is a great measure of restructuring needed on so many levels.

I will provide you a link to the award-winning article I found about Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR). First, this webpage points out that As Goes Texas, So Goes the Nation.

The article is lengthy but very enlightening! It spells out how people and things can be bought, influenced, extorted, harassed, frightened, drawn into litigation against giant corporations; and words twisted to fit into someone's plan. The article depicts how the House leadership made the depraved choice to manipulate legislation, combining two bills so the wishes of the TLR would get passed.

In 2003, "rich and powerful Texans said lawsuits were ruining the state's economy and needed to be fairer. Today, thanks to tort reform, they are fairer – for business. Ordinary people are out of luck." "Once upon a time, the purpose of tort law was to make injured people whole... But through the efforts of a small group of wealthy and politically influential businessmen and a legislature slavishly devoted to the organization they founded, Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), those days are gone, and these rights may disappear across the nation as President Bush pushes his campaign against 'greedy trial lawyers' and 'frivolous lawsuits'." "the good people of TLR will have remade the world in their image, one in which there is no recourse for wrongdoing, one in which the powerful simply get their way."

Other Immoralities

The Grandest of Disinformation Campaigns

"Particularly troubling were advertisements in print and on television that put the cap for noneconomic damages at $750,000." The people were thinking they were voting for a cap of $750,000 when, in actuality, the cap was only $250,000. The $750,000 figure "was available only when there were multiple defendants whom a plaintiff could sue for $250,000 each, such as a doctor and a couple of hospitals." Talk about DECEPTION!

Shameless Trickery

And then, the Legislature moved the election to September to avoid the big traditional-election-day turnout, which probably would have defeated the amendment.

Repulsive Involvement

TLR laser-focused on one Texas Supreme Court decision that did not go its way. TLR even wrote a friend-of-the-court brief, supporting a motion for rehearing and stressing the importance of proportionate liability. Unconscionable!


We are still in danger of Bush's campaign encroaching upon us: Click here - for a deeper discussion of The Former President Bush's Plan for Legal Reform.

While Bush and the GOP in Congress push for federal lawsuit restrictions, many states have enacted civil justice "reform" with Texas-style legal changes. These states have "made it harder to sue over botched medical care, hazardous products, business scams, drunk drivers, nursing-home rapes and many other woeful situations with which the tort system deals in the United States."

George Bush, when he was governor of Texas, "signed a series of brutal bills that severely restricted injured Texans' rights to sue, greatly reducing liability risks for Texas corporations. Bush signed a series of laws that insulate Texas corporations like Enron from lawsuits for their reckless behavior and strip the rights of injured Texans who would be entitled to compensation." Texas guaranteed that its Supreme Court cannot nullify the damage cap (mentioned in the article) by altering its Constitution via Proposition 12. This is something high courts have done ninety-six times to lawsuit restrictions.

I pray that you do not live in one of these states. But, if you do, I pray that your state did not pass laws as devastating as the Texans' laws. You can see where your state stands at American Tort Reform Association - State and Federal Reforms.

Maybe Texans should rise up and have this Proposition 12 stricken from its Constitution. Texans should investigate if the voting was illegal, because it was based on False Advertisement. This disinformation led voters to think that they were voting on a cap that was $500,000 higher than the veiled amount. As far as I know, false advertisement is illegal in all 50 states. Maybe lawyers should unite and lead the revolt. I'm sure they can investigate the best way(s) to defeat this treachery. Maybe someone should use the article Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad! (with the proper permission of course) to raise public awareness to the realities and consequences of Proposition 12.

Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing."

Texans Unite – Get Proposition 12 Revoked!

The Committee for Justice for All
CorpReform.com - McDonald's Burned Itself

Binding Arbitration and Right-to-Cure, Is Your State Next? That is a very real threat!