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Shingle-Mate Sample

This is the Shingle-Mate sample packet that I was given.   Please take notice this sample has no white or lighter layer in the interior of the felt. Scroll down so you can see where I tore open the corner, and added a dotted line to help identify where I folded it back.

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ShingleMate Sample


What is on my Roof ?

This is a piece of what was installed on my roof. Notice it has the light layer throughout, and this tarpaper seems to be thinner and less wrinkle resistant than the Shingle-Mate sample.

I told GAF that I did not agree to any substitution of materials, and requested that GAFMC analyze this sample, then report their findings to me.   I asked, "Why didn't I get stock that matched the Shingle-Mate sample I was given?" Which one is truly Shingle-Mate? What is on my roof? Why did this happen? Who is responsible?

I will update my website when - or if - I ever receive a response.

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What's on my roof?

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